The board of directors

Kava Spartak
1st Chairman

Society: YAAR e.V.


  • BA Multilingual Communication
  • BA Political Science and English
  • MA Globalization, Transition and Development
  • MEd social studies and English

Current occupation: Managing Director of YAAR e.V.

The establishment of VAFO was a necessary step because it is time we got together and organized so that we can make our voice heard and help shape society. My vision is for our association in Germany to act as a role model for other Afghan diasporic communities around the world.

Maria Hosein-Habibi

Society: Afghanic e.V.


  • Bachelor of Arts (English, art education, political science)
  • Master of Education (Art, English)
  • 2. Staatsexamen (Lehramt)

Current occupation: Teacher and artist

With my involvement at VAFO, I want to make a contribution to the professional and meaningful networking of Afghans and Afghan organizations in Germany, so that the Afghan diaspora gains visibility and is adequately taken into account in public discourse.

Dr. Gul-Rahim Safi

Society: The Afghanistan Committee for Peace, Reconstruction and Culture e.V.


PhD Chemist

Current occupation: Consultant at the University Ministry of Education in Afghanistan

The association is a unique institution for getting to know other associations, organizations and people who are all committed to and interested in Afghanistan. It is therefore extremely important for representing the interests of Afghans in and from Germany. It also motivates and stimulates me personally to be active in the association and to see how we can develop together over the next few years. I think it's great that we have managed to unite in our Afghan diversity and pursue a common vision: a peaceful Afghanistan and a peaceful Afghan diaspora in Germany.

Samad Sharif

Society: German Association for Central Asia e.V.


Master of Arts, European Cultural History

Current occupation: Project coordinator at Engagement Global, Education Meets Development and freelance journalist

The interests of the Afghan diaspora are currently not publicly represented or perceived. This may change with the establishment of the Association of Afghan Organizations in Germany. I would like to contribute my commitment and knowledge here so that the Afghan diaspora and associations get more visibility and get a voice.

Massieh Zare

Society: bee4change e.V.


  • Master in Public Policy

Current occupation: Service provider for digital (political) communication

I am involved with VAFO because the Afghan diaspora has seldom been heard in German society. And this despite the fact that there are many Afghan and German-Afghan organizations, some of which have been active for decades. I would like to help strengthen and expand existing structures and to give space for new ideas, projects and initiatives.

Stefanie Then

Society: ZAN e.V.


Magister Artium (art, economic and social history as well as medieval history)

Current occupation: 

  • Managing Director of the ZAN Aid Organization for the Promotion of the Rights of Afghan Women e.V.
  • Project management of the educational program DADA-Aufbruch!

I am involved in the association so that I can support the advocacy of Afghan women with ZAN e.V.

Dr. Kefajat Hamidi

Society: Leipzig Afghan Forum e.V.


  • Doctorate: Communication and Media Studies
  • Magister: German as a Foreign Language

Current occupation: Director of the Research Center Development Communication - Communication for Social Change (EC4SC) - at the Institute for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig

I consider the work of the association to be important and that is why I was actively involved in the board. The number of Afghans and their organizations in Germany has risen sharply in recent years. But they are hardly networked with one another at the federal level. There are hardly any advocacy, activities, events or events organized by this community at the federal level. That is why the participation and participation of this group in federal politics in Germany is marginal and invisible. The active participation of this community in federal politics is very important. Active participation means that they have the right, the means, the space, the possibilities and, where necessary, the support to influence their own decisions, to carry out activities and to participate in society. The association could / should create the opportunity for this.

Our Members