German-Afghan Friendship Society e.V. Baaham

The association "German-Afghan Friendship Society e.V. Baaham" looks back on 15 years of association history. He was founded in 2006 by Dr. Joachim Sproß, a lawyer who served as a German soldier in Afghanistan. The aim of the association's work was to promote German-Afghan relations. The association reoriented itself in 2020 and Ms. Mitra Hashemi was elected president in the summer. The main focus of the association today is the empowerment of Afghan women and the promotion of equality.

The purpose of our association is:

  • the promotion of German-Afghan relations in social, cultural, scientific and political areas as well as the promotion of development aid,
  • the strengthening of human rights and equality, especially for Afghan women,
  • the promotion of Afghan refugees in Germany, especially through integration and language mediation, education and training, especially for women.

Our vision is to give Afghans in exile, especially women, the opportunity to become aware of their rights and opportunities. We want the refugee women to recognize their potential and talents and give them the chance to network. We want to help women to develop and ultimately to integrate into society.

The focus of our work lies in strengthening Afghan women through seminars, workshops and consultations and in promoting young people (mentoring and tutoring).

We are a founding member of VAFO, as we see the association as a common interest group in relation to the media and politics. There is a constant exchange of information and networking creates synergies that enable us to coordinate lobbying.

Mitra Hashemi
Phone: 015737532616

Social media:
Instagram: @baa_ham_