Afghanic e.V.

Since there was hardly any information material on Afghanistan at the time of its founding, the vision was to found an information center and make it available. This is how the idea of ​​Afghanic e.V. (Afghanistan Information Center) arose, which was finally founded in 1993 as a bridge between Germany and Afghanistan. The association is aimed at all people and organizations who are interested in Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora in Germany / Europe.

Our goals include:

  • Collection and cataloging of information material on Afghanistan and the transfer and distribution to interested persons and institutions.
  • Promotion of cooperation and the exchange of experiences both between Afghans living in Germany and Germans, but also between the institutions of both countries.
  • The promotion of scientific and cultural relations between Afghanistan and Germany.
  • Collaboration, assistance and support of the initiatives and institutions that are helping to rebuild Afghanistan.
  • Promotion of poverty reduction, education and health projects in Afghanistan.
  • Information events and seminars on the situation in Afghanistan.
  • Promotion of the integration of Afghans living in Germany and cultivation of the language and culture.

Our main areas are:

  • Herausgabe von 380 Lehrbücher für afghanische Studenten und kostenlose Verteilung an den Universitäten in Afghanistan
  • Hamburger-Afghanistan-Woche (Deutsch-afghanischer Begegnung, Austausch und Vernetzung seit 28 Jahren)
  • Integration durch Begegnung: Alte Flüchtlinge treffen neue Flüchtlinge
  • Integration durch Sprache: Sprachhefte Deutsch für Afghanen in Pashto und Dari
  • Muttersprachlicher Unterricht in Pashto und Dari
  • Frauentreffen, Seniorentreff, Themenabende
  • Beratung: – Deutsche Sprache, Ausbildungs-, Berufs- und Studienwahl, Wohnungssuche, Asyl- und Aufenthaltsrecht sowie weitere Rechtsfragen.

We see our motivation for membership in the association in the exchange and cooperation with other associations and the public representation of the Afghan diaspora in Germany.

Dr. Yahya Wardak
Phone: 0228 85031347 and 0174 741 73 06

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